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Specialized consulting for organisations transforming to remote workplaces

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What we do

FuturePrufe supports the critical transformation to future workplaces. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organisations in their transition to remote teams and online working. We equip our clients to optimise virtual collaboration platforms and tools to drive productivity in remote teams, while improving teamwork, fostering a sense of belonging and maintaining high performance.

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FuturePrufe Training Programmes

We have 18 years' experience in global organisations; 8 of which we spent working, leading, meeting and facilitating using a variety of virtual collaboration tools and applications. We combine this technical experience with best practices in virtual collaboration, engagement, sales and leadership to help organisations reap the benefits technology can offer remote teams. Programs are adjusted for the clients' platform, including: Zoom, MS TEAMS and WebEx.

Online Workshop

FuturePrufe Training For Online Facilitators

Learn how to deliver online training programs effectively, combining virtual collaboration and engagement techniques with your existing technology platform.

Virtual Team Meeting

FuturePrufe Training for Teams

Learn virtual engagement and communication skills to transform the way you collaborate as a team, making the best use of the functionalities of your technology platform.

Future Workplace Training for Leaders

FuturePrufe Training for Leaders

Expand your leadership skill to include virtual collaboration and engagement skills, through the skilful use of the technology platforms and tools available in your organisation. Learn how to boost productivity in remote teams through virtual leadership that improves teamwork, fosters a sense of belonging and maintains high performance.

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Our Sales Practice

Ensuring sales success with virtual conversations

The global move towards virtual selling dramatically escalated due to the Covit19 pandemic. Studies by firms like Bain and McKinsey, indicate virtual selling is here to stay, even when face-to-face becomes an option again.

The Futureprufe Virtual Sales Practice ensures a rich and interactive learning experience for sales people with limited experience or experienced professionals who only require the switch to virtual selling.

Managing the technology dimension during the sales conversation is a critical element of the overall success of the discussion. Our In-line Sales Conversations Practice helps Salespeople to overcome the challenges of virtual selling by developing virtual selling skills that most influence buyer purchasing behaviour.

Programs are adjusted for the clients' meeting platforms, including: Zoom, MS TEAMS and Cisco WebEx.

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FuturePrufe Training For New Salespeople

This foundation sales program works through all the basic skills new sales people require to excel in a virtual context.

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FuturePrufe Training for Experienced Salespeople

This program supports experienced sales professionals to be confident in virtual sales conversations and enables the critical changes they need to make when meeting customers in a virtual context.


FuturePrufe Training for Sales Coaches

Sales coaching drives the new virtual selling skills acquired in our In-Line Sales Conversations programs to the workplace, increasing the Return on your Training Investment. This program equips sales leaders to deliver this critical function in virtual coaching conversations; to plan and track performance virtually and to select from various virtual coaching modalities available to them.

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Consulting Services

Complementing our training offers, we provide a full suite of service options to select from, including:

* Analysing barriers to working remotely

* Coaching & competence assessment to support transfer of new skills to the workplace

* Managing the entire transformation journey to remote working

* Conversion of classroom-based training to virtual learning sessions

Our programs can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and each component can be selected as a stand-alone offering for a specific target audience, or combined with other components to achieve the outcomes you desire.

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Organisational Analysis

Are you ready to work remotely?

All our projects start with a needs analysis to determine the intervention required.

As part of this phase we assess your unique challenges regarding working remotely, and tailor a customised solution.

Change & Project Management

Managing complete transformation projects for remote work.

We Project Manage the Program for you and provide Change Management to support the mindset and behaviour change that will sustain the learning after program completion.

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Coaching & Certification Options

Participants will have to demonstrate their ability to apply their learning at the end of the program.

Choose between Peer Endorsement and Certificate of Completion 
Assessment and individual coaching for Certificate of Competence

Classroom Training Conversion

Moving Classroom to Virtual Sessions

Many organisations feel the pressure to rebuild training approaches to involve less traveling, reduce impact on working productivity and reach a wider target audience quicker. Our expertise in re-engineering classroom based training to be delivered online, supports organizations to unlock the advantages of virtual learning.

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Digital Animator

Rent a Technical Producer

Focus on your online facilitation

When you need to deliver a professional workshop or learning event, having an experienced Technical Producer on your side makes all the difference.

 You can focus on being the best virtual facilitator and let us do the rest.

Virtual Talent Mobility

Get talents ready virtually

We provide consulting services to organisations challenged by the need to development their talents remotely. While transitioning to virtual working, it is vital to ensure that attracting and retaining talents remain a key focus.

Digitalization, the rise of the social enterprise and employee demands for meaningful work, authentic leadership and career progression are increasing competition for top talents in the market. Your competitive edge depends on the retention of scarce and critical skills needed to enable your business strategy.

We facilitate a cross-functional workshop with HR practitioners and managers of talents to map the journey to engagement and optimized talent contribution. Agile design and change management interventions to align with and get input from your talent community is an integral part of the program.

Online Class
Virtual Conference

Technical Power Hour

Optimize the use of collaboration tools

End user adoption is often harder than  anticipated and more effort is required to convince employees to use meetings platforms like ZOOM and MS TEAMS. 

These workshops provide a safe environment for small groups to explore all the functionalities available to make online sessions fun and interactive.

They leave with a deeper understanding of how teamwork and collaboration is supported by the tools provided by the organisation.

Virtual Team Alliance

Aligning the transition to virtual working with team members

The  switch to virtual working requires intentional alignment and planning. This workshop facilitates the team conversations needed to create clarity about purpose, work, tools, processes and communication to set your virtual team up for success.

The output is a Team Alliance that fosters a culture of collaboration, continuous learning, high-performance and accountability.

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The Team


Maryke Burnett
+27 72 824 4756

Virtual Training Design and Change Management Consultant

Black Gazelle Virtual Leading Certificate - Europe

"Running into the frontiers of change and inspiring companies to unlock the potential of new technologies, makes my world go around. I have 25 years of cross functional experience ranging from sales, delivery, service and HR. The most exciting part of my work is to see how companies get results from virtual transformation initiatives."


* Virtual Change Management Projects

* Virtual Classroom Design

* Digital Enablement Projects

* Online Facilitation and Coaching

* Working in global, virtual teams (8 years)


Sarah Pienaar
+27 82 390 8128

Virtual Collaboration & Leadership Consultant

InSync Training certified in 

Virtual Classroom Design Applications - USA

“I’m passionate about learning, growth and transformation. I have 18 years’ experience in multi-national corporate environments, enabling personal growth in line with organisational culture and strategy; supporting organisational transformation and driving business results.”


* Learning and virtual classroom design

* Leadership development

* Virtual Leadership enablement

* Online Facilitation and Coaching

* Working in global, virtual teams (8 years)

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Curious about how we can help you in your journey to remote workplaces and productive online working?

Call either of us, send a WhatsApp or click the button below to get in touch.

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